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hargeysa news now

Log into your account. Recover your password. Home Latest News. Dhawaan Fillo Maqaalo taxaane ah oo aan indoora ka Qoraayey Wasaaradda…. Trending Now. Wararka Maanta - February 14, 0. Agaasimaha W. Dawladda Maraykanku safiirrada ay u magacaabayso in ay wakiillo uga noqdaan dalalka Dunida waxa lagu soo xulaa waayo aragnimadooda iyo aqoonta ay u leeyihiin December 15, November 29, Dr Adam Yusuf Abokor: Shaqsiyad xor ah iyo astaantii ururadda bulshadda November 21, November 17, November 7, November 1, Durbaan been ah yaan la idin tumin October 14, Somaliland iyo Dunida Maanta September 24, Saaxiibada Guusha Siyaasada Somaliland, Faalo.

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Latest Somali News. Hargeisa Hargeisa Press — Xukuumadda Somaliland, ayaa Qaramada Midoobay la wadaagtay Habka ay doonayso inay u wada shaqeeyaan, ka dib markii Khilaaf culus soo February 14, February 13, February 11, Latest English News.

hargeysa news now

Wararka Maanta - January 20, 0. President Muse Bihi and his sycophant ministers seem to think that Djibouti dictator, Omar Guelleh, is our friend. But many Somalilanders do not agree, The Somaliland Hargeisa Hargeisa Press : Excessive use of charcoal and deforestation are said to lead to environmental degradation, according to environmental experts.Photographer Alison Baskerville has recently returned from Hargeisa, in Somaliland.

hargeysa news now

While there, she was struck by the women she met - from those working in the hospital, to others who have built their own businesses. Edna Adan Ismail is known as the First Lady of Somalia and was a government minister when Somaliland declared independence in - a move that has not been internationally recognised.

She went on to become Somaliland's foreign minister and then in founded the Edna Adan University Hospital, the only maternity teaching hospital in the territory. She has also been a fervent campaigner against female genital mutilation and currently runs an awareness campaign across the country.

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The outpatients service now has about 15, women on its register, so training new midwives is essential to keep this service going. The service also records whether those registered have been "cut". Specialist care can be provided as international surgeons volunteer to spend time in the hospital. The hospital has operated on nearly children suffering from hydrocephalus or "fluid on the brain". The hospital also treats other conditions, such as cleft palate. A visiting maxillofacial surgeon is on hand every six weeks, and these operations are performed free of charge.

Away from the hospital, Baskerville photographed a wedding. She said: "In public, women will be covered from head to foot in traditional clothing.

However, behind closed doors, the women have a chance to wear bright clothing and to show off their elaborate hairstyles and make-up. Baskerville also pictured women starting their own businesses in Hargeisa, including Sara Haji, who has opened an Italian coffee house. Ms Haji has faced some resistance to the project, known as the Cup of Art, she said: "The prejudice is pushing me to try harder and fight back. Tucked away in the Jiga Yar district of the city, the Royal Lounge backs on to a more affluent area.

Used by local businessmen and their families, the restaurant is the creation of a single mother of five, Sagal Olad. Somaliland profile. Born in Mogadishu and raised in London, Ms Olad helped her mother raise her six siblings. The images are to be exhibited as part of Women of the World festival in Hargeisa in July. All photographs by Alison Baskerville. Related Topics.The discovery of natural resources is a double-edge sword that needs to have a holistic approach.

Disputes over natural resources have occurred all around the world since the dawn of civilisation.

hargeysa news now

However, the extent to which it impacts the environment and communities within nations depends on the level of intervention and early planning. When managed well and you have in place, well defined, robust policies, what follows is, sustainable economic development and shared prosperity. The importance of this fact cannot be overstated, to mitigate and prevent the difficult challenges of land disputes, child labour, arm conflicts, community displacement and environmental destruction.

The Sanaag region, is rich in natural resources that currently contribute to the local economy such as frankincense, myrrh, rich grassland for seasonal grazing and water. Additionally, there is also a vast amount of untapped gold reserves, making the region a viable economic prospect. I have personally visited and worked in areas where metallic resources are highly concentrated in specific Somaliland regions, such as Awdal, Sahil and Sanaag, As well as, successfully obtaining exploration concessions in the Sanaag region where preliminary investigations have been completed.

Moreover, I have worked within the metallic resources industry in the past, gaining invaluable experience, analysing the nature of this industry in countries like the DRC Congo, Zambia and Botswana, where the outcomes remarkably vary. More importantly, I observed the level of monetary investments injected into communities and the implementation of interventionist policy structures established by their respective governments.

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals department within the Somaliland government should have the initiative to develop the right policies in collaboration with the local community, academia, and investors. We tend to ignore the importance of academics, to independently contribute when undertaking the necessary research needed to develop policies which can benefit this industry, the local communities and Somaliland at large.

Furthermore, it is equally important that the government invest in local communities. Mining projects, as a minimum should include community facilities, such us; clinics, schools, sanitation centers, clean water, to mention a few. The examples of yesteryears, where the extraction of natural resources have exploited local communities, ruined the local environment, while only enriching a handful of actors is a mistake Somaliland can avoid.

For best practice, it is imperative these communities should set up an organising committee and elect people onto them whom they believe will represent them fairly and manage any viable resource from their community by balancing the interests of all equitably.

Somaliland administration must confront the challenges ahead, must act now or we shall reap what we sow.

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There is no better place to start than the absence of defined roles and responsibilities of our honorable, traditional tribal leaders Chiefs, Sultans and Kings. This broken and inefficient system needs urgent reform, because currently as it functions, it is eroding our democracy, community cohesion, land ownership and resource development. Therefore, it is the prerogative of the Ministry of Interior to review and legislate the core remits of these traditional leaders, so they become beneficial to our society than a needless cumbersome.

Any of these technical solutions in the absence of conflict-sensitive structures within the administration will bring more harm than good. Fortunately, the Somaliland economy does not depend on natural resources, thus, we have a unique opportunity to implement necessary policies to prevent and mitigate future conflict over resources, by utilising all the local and international tools available to us, in terms of best practice, transparency and accountability.

Predictably, developing new policies and implementing them will prove difficult, as progressive change tends to meet instant resistance, it may bruise egos, but we must act now, as it will be beneficial to our future generations and contribute to a prosperous Somaliland for all.

Understandably, the completion of a comprehensive Mining Regulations Act that reflects Somaliland society structure, that is anchored in sustainability and developed through participatory consultation is an obligation of the utmost importance. Whereas, facilitating consultations and dialogue in which all stakeholders participate, to address all concerns and develop a common understanding will lay the foundation for success for all our precious natural resources.

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News Desk January 9, Close Search for. Close Log In. Adblock Detected Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.Hargeisa Daily. Tunisia reopens borders to tourists after halting spread of coronavirus. Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to agree Nile dam deal in weeks.

Daawo Hadimada Hayb-sooca Barnaamij Dhammeystiran. Togdheer 2 February Aqal Galkii Daalo! Qaybtii 2aad Warsame oo awelba maalmaha iyo mirirada tirinayay oo ogaa in ay tahay maalintii uu sugayay Aqal galkii Daalo Waa badhtamaha bisha abril, xilligan dhulku waa barwaaqo oo meel walba cagaar baa qariyay iyo xareed Dadka qaar ayaa u haystay in shirkan aan caadiga ahayn ee IGAD ee ka Hargeysa Hargeisa Daily — Xisbiga taladda dalka haya ee Kulmiye ayaa ka hadlay loolanka ka dhex taagan Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Somaliland iyo Wasiirka Ganacsiga, Ethiopia: Wargeyskii ugu horreeyay ee dadka aragga naafada ka ah oo la soo saaray hargdaily - 23 September 0.

Qolka ugu ilaalada xoogan aduunka iyo meesha uu ku yaalo hargdaily - 23 September 0. Xafiiska ama qolka aad wuxuu ku yaallaa caasimadda dalka Kuuriyada Waqooyi ee Pyongyang, wuxuuna saldhig u yahay madaxda ugu sareysa ee dalkaas, sida laga Maxaan Ku Jeclaaday Ceerigaabo? Shariif Sh. Wada-hadalada somaliland iyo soomaaliya Barnaamijka u jawaab Dadkaaga. News in English. Tunisia reopens borders to tourists after halting spread of coronavirus 27 June Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to agree Nile dam deal in weeks 27 June Handset makers look to make hay as demand for 5G phones Airlines take government to court over coronavirus quarantine policy 12 June The city later succeeded Berbera as the capital of the British Somaliland Protectorate in The city also served as the capital of the Isaaq Sultanate during the mid to late 19th century.

Hargeisa was founded as a watering and trading stop between the coast and the interior and later became an Islamic Tariqa settlement under the leadership of Sheikh Madar and his mullahs. Inthe protectorate gained independence and united as scheduled days later with the Trust Territory of Somaliland former Italian Somaliland to form the Somali Republic on July 1.

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Home to rock art from the Neolithic period, the city is also a commercial hub for precious stone-cutting, construction, retail services and trading, among other activities. The town evolved in the latter half of the s as a Qadiriyya settlement established by Sheikh Madar, near a water-stop used by nomadic stock-herders on the way to the town of Harar. It thus proposes a possible derivation of the name "Hargeisa" from the sobriquet Harar as-sagirmeaning " Harar the little" [7] [8] According to historian Norman Bennett, Madar named the settlement Hargeisa or Little Harar since he aspired for it to emulate the city of Harar as a center for Islamic teachings.

Hargeisa has been a watering and trading stop between the coast and the interior, and chief amongst the goods traded were the hide skins procured from the interior to be processed in the settlement. Numerous cave paintings from the Neolithic period are found in the Laas Geel complex, on the outskirts of Hargeisa.

During November and Decemberan archaeological survey was carried out in the area by a French team of researchers. The expedition's objective was to search for rock shelters and caves containing stratified archaeological infills capable of documenting the period when production economy appeared in this part of Somaliland circa 5th and 2nd millennium BCE.

During the course of the survey, the French archaeological team discovered the Laas Geel rock artencompassing an area of ten rock alcoves caves.

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In an excellent state of preservation, the paintings show human figures with their hands raised and facing long-horned, humpless cattle. The rock art had been known to the area's inhabitants for centuries before the French discovery.

Current Local Time in Hargeisa, Somalia

However, the existence of the site had not been broadcast to the international community. In Novembera mission returned to Laas Geel and a team of experts undertook a detailed study of the paintings and their prehistoric context. However, many of these old structures have yet to be properly explored, a process which would help shed further light on local history and facilitate their preservation for posterity.

According to traditional poetic gabay oral accounts, Hargeisa was founded by the Eidagale clan as a watering and trading stop for passing nomads and caravans. It is also believed that in addition to the Eidagale, the Arap and Habr Yunis subclans were also amongst the early settlers of Hargeisa.

Madar arrived in Harar to study the Islamic Sciences under the top ulema of Harar which consisted of Harari and Somali scholars. Somali pastoralists heavily follow rain and pastures this would change with the agricultural and stationary lifestyle Madar would introduce on the back of large sorghum plantations. This was to maintain self-sufficiency and Sheikh Madar and the other Mullahs would take care of the sick and elderly inhabitants of the growing settlement.

Lastly he pushed towards a common religious identity rather than identifying solely by tribe. Stone houses and other structures would be built and Hargeisa would develop into a large permanent settlement irrespective of the caravan trade that defined it in decades prior. Swayne, a British soldier and explorer who traversed the Somali peninsula between the s wrote about Hargeisa in his journals:. This town is built some five hundred yards from the right bank of the Aleyadera nala, and at an elevation of thirty or forty feet above it.

Round the place is a patch of jowari sorghum cultivation, two and a half miles long and a quarter of a mile broad. Quantities of livestock of all kinds graze on the low undulating hills for half a mile from the Aleyadera nala on either bank. Hargeisa is situated on two important caravan routes, one from Ogaden and the other from Harar. There are good direct camel-roads to Berbera and Bulhar.

Supplies of rice, tobacco, and dates can sometimes be bought here in the trading season. Some four hundred people are employed looking after the jowari fields, and may be seen sitting on platforms, shouting and throwing stones to scare birds from the crops. There is abundance of good water in the bed of the river, and a masonry well has been built, and is kept in order by an Arab from Aden.By Damian Zane.

BBC News. Somali environmentalist Ahmed Ibrahim Awale hopes it will inspire African researchers.

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The information minister for the breakaway state of Somaliland has tested positive for Covid amid concerns of a second wave of infections.

The minister, Suleiman Ali, who was on a peace and mediation tour in Sool area said he was feeling okay. Mr Ali said he would go into isolation and continue discharging his duties.

In pictures: Women of Hargeisa

He warned that coronavirus was still a risk and that people should follow guidelines put in place to prevent its spread. Somaliland is in dispute with the neighbouring semi-autonomous Somali region of Puntland over the Sanaag and Sool areas, some of whose inhabitants owe their allegiance to Puntland.

The self-declared republic of Somaliland has opened a representative office in Taiwan. Taiwan opened its own office in Hargeisa on 17 August.

The two breakaway regions announced diplomatic relations in July, shrugging off furious protests from both China and Somalia.

China views Taiwan as its own territory and has vowed to one day seize it, by force if needed. Only 15 countries diplomatically recognise Taiwan over Beijing, although many nations maintain embassy equivalent trade offices in Taipei. In Africa, only Eswatini has diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Somaliland declared independence from Somalia during the civil war and compared to the southern regions it has thrived and has become a beacon of stability.

While some countries maintain informal ties with the breakaway region, Somaliland is not diplomatically recognised by any other nation. When Mohamed was caught with his boyfriend he had to flee Somaliland, where homosexuality is illegal. Will Ross.

The US has applauded Taiwan for establishing diplomatic ties with the self-declared republic of Somaliland. Both China and the Somali government in Mogadishu have condemned the move which was announced at the beginning of the month.Muuse biixi oo ka hadlay 26 juun iyo wada hadalada somaliland iyo somalia.

Feysal cali waraabe ayaa ka hadlay arinta puntland iyo arimo kale. Qodabadii ay ku heshiiyeen somaliland iyo somalia. Ruwaayado Xasuus Mudan. Maxamuud Muuse Xassan oo ka mid ah dadka u dhaqdhaqaaqa xuquuqda Soomaalida Mareykanka ayaa sheegay in saacadihii hore ee maanta dalka Mareykanka. Xisbiga Dimoqraadiga ayaa Isniinta maanta ah billaabay dhaq-dhaqaaq dhanka sharciga ah oo ay xilka uga xayuubinayaan madaxweynaha uu waqtigiisa sii dhamaanayo ee Mareykanka.

Somaliland ayaa war ka soo saartay magacaabistii madaxweynaha dowladda Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo u magacaabay Yuusuf Garaad Cumar. Madaxweyne Donald Trump ayaa tusmeeyey in laga yaabo inuu qorsheynayo inuu mar kale u tartamo xilka madaxweynaha Mareykanka ee Dadka Faransiiska ah ee isticmaala app-ka salaadda ee Muslim Pro, ayaa maxkamad la koraya shirkadda maamusha.

Musharraxii xisbiga Dimuquraadiga, Madaxweyne ku xigeenkii hore Joe Biden, ayaa loo saadaaliyay inuu ku guuleysanayo doorashada Madaxtinimada Mareykanka. Taariikhdu ma duugowdo lamana illaaawo, xumaan iyo wanaagba. Qaramada Midoobay ayaa shaacisay inay kulan heer sare ah u qabandoonto Madaxda Dowlad Goboleedyada iyo Dowladda federalka Soomaaliya. Nabadoon Maxamed Xasan Xaad iyo wafdi odayaal ah oo maanta lagu waday inay u safraan magaalada Hargeysa.

Shirkii Dhuusamareeb Seddax ayaa waxaa laga soo saarey warmurtiyeed ku aaddan nooca doorasho ee la qaadanayo. Kooxo burcad badeed Soomaali ah ayaa sii daayay seddex ruux oo u dhashay dalka Iiraan oo ay Af-duubteen sanadkii dii, sida lagasoo xigtay sargaal sare.

Mas'uuliyiinta dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa sheegay inay rasmi ahaan furan tahay hawada Soomaaliya islamarkaana dib loo billaabayo duulimaadyadii caalamka. Qarax is-miidaamin ahaa ayaa maanta ka dhacay magaaada Mqudisho ee caasimadda Soomaaliya, halkaasi oo khasaare kala duwan uu ka dhashay. Madaxweynaha Mareykanka Donald Trump ayaa maanta soo jeediyey fikrad uu ku doonayo in dib loogu dhigo doorashada madaxweynaha Mareykanka ee dhaceysa.

Dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa sheegtay inay dib u fureyso duulimaadyada caalamiga ah iyo dhammaan adeegyadii kale ee bartamihii bishii March loo joojiyey. Guddoomiyaha Baarlamanka Jamhuuriyadda Fadaraalka ah ee Soomaaliya Maxamed Mursal Shiikh Cabdiraxmaan ayaa waxa uu sheegay in xukuumadda uu hoggaamiyo. Trump 2nd Impeachment.


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